Cover page of second edition
The City: Inside the Great Expectation Machine.
Book explaining what happens inside the City of London and its role in a world of global financial markets, institutional investment in stock markets and investment banking.
What This Book is All About
The City and the Stock Market
What's New About the Second Edition?
Fully updated and extended to take account of events in the last two years
What Others Have Said About It
Reviews of the first edition and endorsements of the second edition
Chapter headings and subheadings
About The Author
Tony Golding---biographical and contact details
How It Came to Be Written
What stimulated the writing of this book
How To Order
How to order "The City" over the Web
Useful Links
Useful websites for those interested in institutional investment and investment banking
"The internet bubble - why stock market booms happen". Talk given at Warwick University, February 2004.
The causes of the internet boom and the parallels in economic history.

Useful Links

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"Financial News"---The City's weekly journal

Financial Services Authority---The UK regulator of the City

"Financial Times" news and research website

International Financial Services, London---The new organisation monitoring the UK's "invisible" trade

Investment Management Association---The trade body for the UK fund management industry

London Stock Exchange website

Securities and Exchange Commision---The regulator of Wall Street

Glossary of investment terms

Warren Buffett's annual "Letters to Shareholders"---and more

Investor Relations Society website

The website of the City of London Corporation

"Pensions & Investment"---The leading magazine for US institutional investors

"Institutional Investor"---The leading magazine for US asset managers and bankers

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